New Product and Service Innovation


  • Pricing and margins were too low for adequate returns
  • Price was too dominant in the customer’s purchasing criteria
  • There seemed to be as much competition in the value chain as there was with external competitors


  • Identified the core areas of product and service development opportunity and price elasticity trade-offs through printer and end user needs
  • Created 8 new Value Delivery System service offerings focused on customer segmentation and end user needs
  • Developed pilots to validate customer benefits and business results
  • Created “Commitment Alliances” to deliver consistent quality, improved service and relative immunity to competitors pricing actions


  • Created 6 new product and service offerings and associated pricing
  • Improved margins and the ability to hold the line on competitive pricing actions
  • Developed value chain alliances that strengthened delivery and focused on end user needs


Case Study MeadWest Playbook