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Positioning The Brand To Win Talent


  • As a high technology industry leader, Microsoft needs to attract and retain the top talent available in the market on a continual basis
  • They had been experiencing retention issues with some of their more senior talent leaving to join startups and pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Project objectives were to:
    • Maximize the attraction of Microsoft employment opportunities among high quality candidates
    • Maximize engagement and acceptance of Microsoft employment offers among high quality candidates
    • Maximize commitment to Microsoft among high quality employees, resulting in increased retention


  • EMM Approach was used to build business capabilities to close gaps and deliver on the brand promise
  • Primary Target Audience Research
  • EMM Capability Assessment & Gap Analysis


  • Higher rates of accepting invitations to apply
  • Higher percentage of candidates applying
  • Larger pool of high quality candidates
  • Higher retention rates among high quality employees
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Higher level of desire and commitment to contribute to success of Microsoft
  • Higher rate of quality employee referrals
  • Integrated processes leveraging marketing capabilities and positioning to attract and retain talent
  • Reduced Voluntary Employee Turnover by 14%


Case Study Microsoft Playbook