Applying Transformational Marketing to Government Institutions

Middlesex County – Economic Development

Applying Transformational Marketing to Government Institutions


  • TopRight was tasked with creating a new brand positioning statement, architecture and the overall brand story to enable the County to successfully execute its economic development strategy.
  • We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, so the County could retain its mix of industries and corporate partners, attract new businesses and create jobs.
  • We also needed to promote Middlesex County’s programs and services to expand resident’s awareness and involvement and increase tourism.
  • The customer also needed us to refresh the County’s brand identity to achieve economic development goals.
  • Finally, we needed to establish a baseline of economic development metrics to evaluate ongoing success.


  • TopRight conducted a deep assessment of previous marketing and economic development efforts through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, primary and secondary research.
  • We then crafted a compelling story based on the ingredient brand architecture strategy, as a brand that directly enhances and strengthens the consitituents’ perception of the municipalities.
  • We developed a segmentation framework with specific goals and initiatives for each target audience to ensure the County connects with each stakeholder in a meaningful way.
  • Among the initiatives, we developed a targeted media plan including print, online, social, search, conference, public relations, and email strategies.
  • To ensure success, we established benchmarks for marketing and economic development performance based on best practices from other jurisdictions applicable to Middlesex County.


  • TopRight succeeded in aligning systems, people and processes to fully launch new brandng by June 2017.
  • We developed brand identity package elements, including logos, design templates and brand guidelines, in order to execute the new messaging with consistency.
  • We optimized resources to streamline marketing operations with internal training cascaded throughout the entire organization.
  • We implimented the tools needed to execute and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness and drive economic development.
  • Our solutions drove efficiency, insight and analytics into all marketing activities to ensure effective coordinaton of marketing and communications initiatives across the organization,
    enabling optimal resource and spend allocation
  • To generate awareness of the advantages of working and living in Middlesex County we also developed an effective video.


Case Study Middlesex County