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Mueller Water Products

Creating A Soluble Growth Strategy


  • Wanted to increase percentages of revenue and profit derived from services relative to products
  • Needed to identify and evaluate service offering opportunities within the water infrastructure marketplace
  • Goal of increasing service revenue by $200 million in 3 years


  • Assessed 40 opportunities based on market attractiveness (competitive landscape and market evaluation) and ability to win (economic factors and capability fit)
  • Identified key success factors and ability to differentiate versus existing competitors
  • Assessed potential acquisition candidates to facilitate entry into new service areas
  • Modeled multiple service bundle combinations and geographic expansion approaches
  • Evaluated, prioritized and recommended top 14 service lines


  • Client leveraged roadmap to pursue goal of $200M in revenue with high level of operating profit and high return on initial investment
  • Clear understanding of opportunities to pursue
  • Potential service/ product bundles with potential to drive growth
  • Definition of target technologies to differentiate versus competition and drive demand
  • List of potential strategic acquisitions to facilitate faster entry into new service areas
  • Creation of service business model to include organization, manpower, technology, marketing and sales approach, infrastructure requirements, etc.


Case Study MuellerWater Playbook