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Building The Brand


  • Even with superior properties, Diovan had almost no unaided awareness in the marketplace
  • A new certification was to be released by the FDA and Novartis wanted to take full advantage of the event to drive improved penetration and results for Diovan


  • Conducted a detailed assessment of the current position and research to develop new consumer insights
  • Identified, tested, and validated hypotheses to drive effective positioning with purchasers
  • Constructed a new compelling and differentiating brand architecture
  • Developed aggressive strategies and marketing plans to implement the new Diovan positioning


  • Created segmentation and messaging to refocus brand on highest opportunity segments of fixed income retirees and white collar boomers
  • Identified crucial benefit messages that resonated with target segments
  • Conservative projected impact of increase in unaided awareness of $120 – $200 million


Case Study Novartis BuyWay