Improving Sales and Marketing Efficiency


  • Clarify and simplify go-to-market strategies/tactics, with a distinct focus on accelerating sales cycles and overall customer portfolio growth
  • Understand customer insights as a basis for driving improved product development
  • Improve tactical execution, including sales materials, web sites, and other core marketing elements
  • Embrace the need to integrate the PRIUM approach into a broader market strategy governed by the parent company (Ameritox)


  • Conduct one-on-one interviews with five top accounts to understand buying decisions, selection criteria and overall assessment of PRIUM
  • In-depth interviews with account executives, relationship managers and customer care personnel to assess overall internal understanding of the PRIUM value proposition
  • High collaboration via onsite visits and regular office hours at PRIUM headquarters
  • Refine creative design elements to provide better visual representation of solutions
  • Enhanced external website to improve overall visual appeal and usability


  • Launched innovative service solution that was embraced by medical community
  • Web site and digital presence enhanced through creative design and implementation
  • Event management and related execution significantly improved from TopRight management and implementation of ROI methodology
  • Launched strategic selling approach aimed at “ideal customer” profile resulting in a 42% closure rate of targeted accounts and will contribute 25% of overall growth in upcoming FY


Case Study Prium MSE