Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness


As a midsized financial planning organization, SignatureFD works with high net worth individuals building asset management strategies to help meet their evolving needs.

  • SignatureFD lacks a clear differentiating brand position in a highly competitive industry where multi-billion dollar competitors are constantly looking to take business.
  • The desire to find a unique, differentiating and ownable brand position is difficult in an industry where the perceived category imperatives have become costs of entry (trust & security)and have overshadowed all else, creating an industry of relative sameness
  • An additional hurdle includes a lack of internal alignment or brand stewardship creating an environment where decision making is slow and second guessing leads to constantly shifting direction.
  • Historically, SignatureFD had not invested in marketing resources to build and sustain insight driven and client/market focused marketing campaigns


  • Led an introductory kick-off meeting with the key leaders and stakeholders to define the project scope and align on objectives
  • Conducted quantitative marketing research to understand market perception of the category, the SignatureFD  brand as well as critical drives of preference in the market
  • Created a Story & Strategy  Playbook focused on new client acquisition as well as expanding services utilized by existing clients
  • Developed a comprehensive creative campaign to bring consistency and clarity to all branded material
  • Provided SignatureFD with a clear, concise “story” to describe their current business in terms that both associates and clients can understand and communicate in a consistent manner
  • Delivered a structured, prioritized action plan for SignatureFD to implement in support of their vision to become a technology innovator
  • Identified key business strategy gaps and organizational requirements (structure and resources) that will be necessary to achieve success with the go-forward vision
  • Selected as a 2018 winner of the Top Places to Work (for Financial Planning) in America by Investment News
  • Achieved asset growth of ~20% with 11% growth coming from existing client asset growth and nearly 8% growth in new clients.

Case Study SignatureFD