Sinclair Oil Corporation

Sinclair Oil Corporation

Enabling a Brand Licensing Program


  • Highly competitive market of major oil brands engaging in brand licensing and other types of ownership/operator programs in the U.S.
  • Building a data source for outlet segmentation and distributor/owner/operator targeting is critical for implementation of an efficient and effective sales and marketing program for Sinclair Oil.
  • Sinclair Oil sales people spent a disproportionally high amount of time supporting onboarding for new licensees.
  • With no channel partner relationships to help call on the fragmented network of distributors and operators, and minimal marketing and lead nurturing to assist the direct sales team, Sinclair Oil struggled to grow.
  • Lack of a well-defined target profile for operators or distributors to target, not a good understanding of why current licenses had committed to Sinclair Oil.


Developed Brand Licensing Story, Strategy, and Systems (3S) Playbook

  • Build a compelling story that positively and credibly differentiates Sinclair Oil in the marketplace based on unique brand positioning and operator benefits.
  • Package the story to be delivered through direct and indirect channels (e.g. POS partners)
  • Create a comprehensive playbook to drive accelerated adoption of Sinclair Oil Brand Licensing program.
  • Identify specific strategic plays to run in order to drive the business towards the destination and achieve their revenue and profitability goals.
  • Create, implement, and scale an operational action plan for promotion and multi-channel marketing to drive qualified leads and close brand licensing deals to achieve revenue and profitability goals, while ensuring cost effective licensee support.


  • A “My Sinclair Station” Story that focused on being a trusted brand partner for licensees.
  • A Sinclair Oil Story model that was built on required “points of entry”, critical “points of differentiation”, and motivating “points of preference”
  • Build a strategic, two-tiered segmentation and targeting approach for identifying prospective wholesalers and retailers as licensees.
  • Created a sales tool kit including customized pitch decks, competitive positioning guides, and relevant proof points to help the direct sales team and channel sales teams grow the total number of licensees.


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