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Sonic Healthcare

Building a High Performance Marketing Team


  • New VP marketing promoted into position to manage diverse group of individual marketing performers
  • Rapidly expanding base of internal clients that must be served by relatively small centralized marketing team
  • Significant corporate pressure to reduce costs and “do more with less”
  • Increasing project volume from across the federation as marketing team becomes “go-to” resource for supporting outreach programs


  • Conducted teamwork assessment (i.e. trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results)
  • Engaged with marketing team in series of workshops to identify performance issues, acknowledge successes and craft action plans for improving team performance
  • Facilitated team workshop to create a vision of marketing operations to exceed client expectations in an environment of increasing project volume
  • Secured executive alignment and team personel commitments


  • Assisted in building a high performance marketing team by identifying gaps in capabilities and aligning team culture/behaviors
  • Enabled marketing team to successfully expand support for federation of brands without adding incremental headcount.
  • New CEO identifies marketing team as critical enabler for success of the federation of labs in the USA.


Case Study SonicHealthCare Playbook