Southland Log Homes

Building Sales Effectiveness


  • Though showing year over year sales growth, that growth was consistently lower than expected.
  • Deepening housing slump was further impacting Southland’s sales
  • Southland needed a tool with which to evaluate current sales office and sales force performance to identify potential improvement opportunities


  • Through a series of interviews, show house visits, and analysis, designed and implemented a sales force diagnostic capability to allow the client to:
    • Better define target customers
    • Align messaging across select, targeted communication channels with the end goal of driving target customers into the show house
    • Once customer was in the show house, quickly and effectively segmenting the customer into one of several defined categories
    • Based on segmentation altering the sales pitch to best enable Southland to close the sale


  • Increased understanding of target customer and customer segments allowed for more targeted marketing and advertising, increasing the quality of traffic in show houses
  • Capability to rapidly segment customers in the show house and alter sales pitch accordingly led to increased sale closures
  • Diagnostic capabilities led to a better equipped and more effective sales force
  • Increased sales conversion rate by approximately 20% in pilot markets resulting in incremental sales volume of $1.2 million


Case Study SouthLand MSE