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Discovery For Campaign Management Solution


  • TBC’s vision is to change from marketing and campaign management functions and technologies managed by outside 3rd parties to bringing this in-house and centralizing with one vendor
  • This will allow TBC to converse with their customers in multiple channels, in a personalized and informed manner


  • The first phase of this journey was to mirror and migrate over the current state processes and marketing initiatives using Adobe Campaign’s technology. This allowed TBC to not interrupt current revenue generating and critical business drivers. A full Discovery (including workshops and in-person sessions) and compilation of a BRD (business requirements document) was produced to position TBC to stand up and utilize the new technology under the Adobe Framework
  • Phase Two is to more directly position TBC to begin to utilize the power and reach of Adobe Campaign by becoming more personalized and conversational through multichannel engagement


  • Extensive Discovery and creation of BRD allowed TopRight the ability to create an Adobe Campaign solution per specific TBC needs and specifications
  • Discovery exercise also allowed for development of phased approach to future campaign management as well as data and change management challenges
  • Utilized the specific Adobe Campaign Framework


Case Study TBC EMM