Transforming The Business Around The Customer BuyWay


  • In the hyper-competitive American PC industry, six leading vendors control nearly 60 percent of the market
  • Despite the formidable competition, Toshiba decided to become a major player in the PC marketplace
  • Toshiba America’s executives understood the industry’s growing move toward differentiation strategies and direct-selling channels and resolved to compete head-on and make Toshiba a major player in the changing PC arena


  • A series of business-model diagrams were designed to illustrate Toshiba’s current and future business systems. This process gathered input from every key constituency across the enterprise: Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, HR, etc.
  • Four themes emerged that became central to transforming the business:
    • The shift from product-focused to customer-first systems
    • The introduction of a hybrid-direct approach to order fulfillment
    • Organizational alignment with distinctly defined customer segments
    • A new view of partners as participants in an extended customer-centric, demand-driven enterprise


  • Evolution of a corporate value proposition to increase focus on customer demand
  • Ability to capture, manage and integrate customer demand data into systems used to forecast, create, market and support product development
  • Improved customer retention and customer service through effective identification of and response to customer demand
  • Enhanced internal sales processes and improved forecasting capabilities by enabling sales representatives to share customer information
  • Enhanced financial controls through better management of revenue targets, increased process efficiencies and a reduction in costs


Case Study Toshiba BuyWay