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Tracy Locke

Transforming Marketing in the Advertising Industry


  • Needed to manage increasing volume and complexity of production jobs without increasing resource headcount
  • Lacked a central infrastructure to enforce a structured work process
  • Lacked visibility into status and resource commitments across hundreds of active jobs occurring at any given moment
  • No ability to report on the 15,000+ jobs performed each year


  • Deploy Production Workflow to manage the creation and lifecycle of all creative jobs across the agency
  • Define structured processes by job type to enforce consistency across all projects
  • Manage reviews and approvals of materials online
  • Create online Job Jackets to centrally manage all information related to individual jobs
  • Capture work time to allow for charge-back to clients


  • Gained real-time visibility into the more than 15,000 jobs executed each year
  • Facilitated reassignment of resources previously dedicated to manually compiling weekly status reports
  • Formalized agency-wide job processes that reduced rush jobs by eliminating gaps in information & approvals
  • Reduced the cycle time for the approval of creative materials
  • Captured critical compliance and audit trail data
  • Increased revenues by accurately capturing rework time previously not billed to clients


Case Study TracyLocke EMM