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Understanding The Customer BuyWay Drives Growth


  • Lack of clear vision on how to interact with customers as well as the appropriate manner in which to collect and analyze customer data in order to enable more effective communication


  • Interview key stakeholders and executives to provide overall strategic direction and insight into current marketing efforts
  • Extract and complete analysis on sample population data set from customer data warehouse to identify customer segments
  • Provide general education on CRM capabilities and the possible business benefits
  • Leverage cross-industry best practices to develop a CRM marketing roadmap, which articulates the business initiatives to the organization, for execution over the next three to five years
  • Provide recommendations on customer data collection tactics and third party data sources
  • Recommend technology enhancements to enable CRM marketing strategy articulated in the roadmap


  • The customer segmentation approach broke the status quo segmentation based on hours of games played, and has provided our client with a better understanding of their customers
  • The targeting and development of custom content for a direct email campaign resulted in an improved response rate for a recent promotion
  • Linking the current customer data warehouse with the appropriate customer service application has provided additional insight on the customers that need additional hand-holding


Case Study Ubisoft BuyWay