Repositioning Technology In The Federal Market


  • Needed a new strategy to transform their business from a product reseller to a trusted provider of IT solutions
  • Company experienced low brand awareness, their marketing efforts did not generate results
  • Brand image and name (under the “Veterans Tech” name) that was limiting and projected an image of 1970’s technology


  • TopRight researched the Government IT Solutions small business market space and worked collaboratively with V3Gate management to clarity the company’s vision and mission
  • Informed by the research, TopRight developed a new business model and plan designed to propel the company as a solutions provider versus a product reseller
  • To support the business plan, TopRight rebranded the company from Veterans Tech to V3Gate and deployed a 12 month marketing plan to get the company on the map and drive business results


  • V3Gate profits increased more than 80% in 2012
  • Revenues have increased by 15%
  • Brand awareness increased nearly three-fold among key government clients
  • V3Gate has established a solid image as a leading small business provider of IT solutions


Case Study V3Gate Playbook