Achieving Differentiation Through Branding


  • Build compelling brand preference in a market place glutted with undifferentiated competitors
  • Protect Vodafone’s position in the market (27% share in Europe), making customer retention and reducing “churn” critical
  • Identify ways to acquire new users in a maturing market, without relying on price discounting
  • Understanding opportunities to get consumers to use their cell phones more
  • Translating the Vodafone global brand positioning across Europe and Asia-Pacific, while building ownership at the local market level


  • Created a multi-dimensional brand architecture that lets Vodafone take full advantage of the many drivers of preference in the category
  • Developed a positioning around owning “To Communicate” that extended Vodafone’s market
  • Conducted research to understand how people make choices between carriers, and developed strategies to overcome switching
  • Identified new usage occasions, as well as opportunities to drive more usage from existing occasions, and evaluated potential new programs with consumers to understand impact on usage
  • Conducting opportunity assessment in Japan to determine relevance of global architecture to local needs


  • 60% towards completion of integrating local brands into a single pan-European brand
  • The company has begun to develop localized versions of the global Vodafone brand architecture to direct all activities that touch consumers
  • Facilities Vodafone’s annual long-term marketing planning session


Case Study Vodafone BuyWay