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Transforming Campaign Management Challenges The challenge for Sony’s various labels was to allow an extremely dispersed marketing organization present in 60+ countries the ability to uniformly market to their fan base and conduct CRM and data segmentations and activities, all monitored by their central CRM staff All the labels work in silos and due to…

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Powering Up A Marketing Department Challenges There were significant limitations in the availability to management of consolidated information on strategies, current and forecasted workload, performance measures and metrics ABC needed assistance in launching a new “Production and Operations Management System” to manage department workflows and enable analytic rigor within a highly creative culture Approach Validate…

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Unpacking Innovation for Non-Profit Media Network Challenges Findings from Brand Health tracking suggest that delivering “innovative” benefits represents an opportunity, but there is insufficient detail for PBS marketing and communications to take action Need to detail out and “unpack Innovative” into a series of benefit statements that can be tested with consumers to understand: How…

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