10 Insights from Marketers Leading Change

The Transformational Marketer Interview Series features short video discussions with leaders that drive change in their industries, business models, and organizations. 

To successfully transform marketing efforts and to generate remarkable results for your business, it takes strong leadership to take charge; these leaders drive the company-wide transformation. We have taken the interviews featuring TopRight’s COO and Managing Partner Bill Fasig and some insightful interviewee quotes and have shared these tips to help inspire you to be the change in your organization.

It’s not simple to transform a company, but the ones that make a difference are the ones not afraid to stand up and make the change. 

  • “The Story really started with Sales and the objections they were hearing.”— Nikki Nixon, Director #FlipMyFunnel
  • “The employment relationship is a very specific relationship, and it has to be one where the vision and values align 100 percent.”— Chad Thevenot, Executive Director at Institute for Humane Studies (IHS)
  • “Start to celebrate the short-term wins. When you see change start to take hold, you have to celebrate that. It reinforces [change] and it really helps drive change deeper into the organization.”— C. Norwood Davis, Chief Financial Officer of 12Stone Church
  • “You have to say things and then listen to the marketplace. Put something out and listen to what comes back. Listening to what is new, relevant, and critical to what we are trying to accomplish is a discipline in itself.”— Michael Gavin, President of PRIUM
  • “We use our core values as our center point. We recognize each office will have its own unique personality, but from a core culture point of view — how we treat each other, how we treat our clients, and what we think about our community — that has got to be consistent.”— Monty Hamilton, CEO of Rural Sourcing Inc
  • “It takes a village to move the needle on transforming a company. It’s been a journey, and it’s one we continue on.” – Rob Chen, Former CMO of CEB
  • “It takes focus on the internal team, not just top-down, but internally through ambassadors to drive transformation throughout the organization. Being a ‘Best Place to Work’, has been a journey, not the destination.” – Dan Campbell, the Founder & Executive Chairman, Hire Dynamics
  • “If we could create a tangible version of all those ideas and people can see and touch what we’re trying to do, it’s going to be a lot more convincing.”-Harmandeep Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Building Clarity
  • “A lot of companies fall in the trap of trying to be all things to all people.” – Alison Moore, Founder and Managing Director at BluePoint Venture Marketing
  • “There is never a finish to Transformational Marketing.”– Jeff Ernst, Co-Founder, and CEO of SlapFive

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