10 Transformational Insights from Chief MarTech Scott Brinker

Is it a feature or a bug?

Does your team use agile or waterfall?

How long are your sprints?

Questions like these, once only present in software development, have overrun the marketing department. In an effort to help make sense of the rapidly changing dynamics of the marketing profession, Scott Brinker recently shared his insights on why marketing technology is a feature – and not a bug – at an MSL Group Great Minds Series.

The secret to success isn’t just the software – it’s the management and integration of that technology to design customer experiences that engage and delight. Transformational Marketers understand that there are no longer digital marketers- there are just marketers in a digital world. In order to leverage software to reach a much broader and more engaged audience, marketing departments have to structure their Systems (their people, processes, and technology) to unlock the true potential of what software can enable marketers to do.

The right marketing technology stack paired with the right strategy empowers brands to deliver a transformational customer experience.


Here are ten brilliant & memorable insights from Scott Brinker’s presentation.

1. “Marketing Automation is software engineering.” [Click to Tweet]

2. “Marketing is shifting into the art of customer experience.” [Click to Tweet]

3. “Don’t hold your breath for a silver bullet for marketing.” [Click to Tweet]

4. “We have shifted from passive touchpoints – reading a blog – to more interactive audience engagements.”  [Click to Tweet]

5. “We are close to peak MarTech, but very early in the process of adopting MarTech.” [Click to Tweet]

6. “2016 was not my year for consolidation.” @chiefmartech referencing 2016’s MarTech Landscape. [Click to Tweet]

7. “Mechanisms are a greenfield opportunity for marketing.” [Click to Tweet]

8. “How do you manage marketing like software? Bimodal Marketing: it’s a marathon and a sprint.” [Click to Tweet]

9. “You can’t manage every marketing project the same way.” [Click to Tweet]

10. “The silver bullet for marketing is the people.” [Click to Tweet]


Be sure to check out Scott Brinker’s newest book Hacking Marketing and follow him on Twitter @chiefmartec.


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