22 Insights from Transformational Marketing: Moving to the TopRight

How can marketers generate sustainable revenue growth while transforming customers from transactional buyers to life-long brand advocates?

This new era of marketing accountability demands measurable go-to-market processes, active performance monitoring, and aggressive optimization of marketing investments for real value creation, as seen through the eyes and responses of the customers. In our experience, marketing-driven growth boils down to three factors: simplicity in Story, clarity in Strategy, and alignment in Systems.

To succeed, companies must take a transformational approach; they must excel in the 3S’s: telling a simple, 6-second Story, creating a clear, compelling Strategy, and aligning Systems to execute flawlessly.

Transformational Marketing is not simply about what you do. It is:

  • Why you do what you do
  • What it is you do, based on that why
  • How you deliver it to your customers
  • …and how it impacts their lives

Transformational Marketing occurs when, through the art of the story, you transform your customer from a transactional buyer into a life-long brand advocate by making your story their own. No longer is the story simply about your brand and what it offers. The power and impact of your brand, your product, and your story come from making the customer the hero.

In case you haven’t had a chance to read Transformational Marketing: Moving to the TopRight – or simply prefer the cliff notes – here are 22 transformational insights to help you ignite company-wide change, drive sustainable ROI, and move your organization to the TopRight corner of the market.  And be sure to check out our tips to marketing project success!






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