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3 Lessons for Marketing Excellence (Part 2)

This is part two of a Marketing Excellence series drawn from a members-only interview of TopRight CEO Dave Sutton with CEO-CFO Interviews a weekly publication featuring in-depth interviews with top corporate executives.  See part one here.

bullseyeCEOCFO: When operationalizing a marketing strategy, how do you measure gut-feel, personal bias as well as experience and trends when you are looking forward?


Dave:  Part of our job requires us to look both backwards and forward. Many of the initial hypotheses that we generate are based on backward looking facts, historical performance of a brand, historical performance of a company and trying to draw some conclusions around what challenges them and what opportunities are not being captured. We also do a lot of primary research – trying to understand today’s customer, what motivates them what triggers their intent to purchase. We also spend a lot of time getting smart and staying very fresh as a team on what is happening with technological advancement, what is happening with different types of different forms of media, and how people are reacting to that media, whether it is social media, mobile apps traditional terrestrial radio and television. We try to keep ourselves on the leading edge of what is happening around the industry and try to bring to light opportunities for our customers as well. It requires us to be thought leaders and not just people who play back the history of what happened with a brand or react in a knee-jerk fashion to sales and marketing setbacks.

My guiding principle:  Make an impact, or don’t play the game.

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