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3 Lessons for Marketing Excellence (Part 3)

This is part three of a Marketing Excellence series drawn from a members-only interview of TopRight CEO Dave Sutton with CEO-CFO Interviews a weekly publication featuring in-depth interviews with top corporate executives.  See parts one and two here.

bullseyeCEOCFO: What have you learned over time? What has changed in your approach?


Dave: One of the biggest things is the importance of being technically savvy and data savvy. When I first came into the industry twenty plus years ago, marketing was really a creative art and it was a softer set of capabilities that did not rely a tremendous amount on analytics. It was rare to find a marketing department that also had a staff of data scientists, analytics people and technologically inclined people working side-by-side with the marketing creative team.

The biggest shift that we have seen, that has actually helped us, is that we now truly appreciate the art, but we know that behind every great advertising campaign there was a lot of analysis and data crunched in order to assure that the campaign would generate results. For TopRight, the market and the amount of spend on marketing technology has boomed in the last five years because of all these new forms of media that I mentioned and there are more creative ways that we as marketers can reach consumers and customers. That has been a big help for us.

The other thing that has changed for us is that is that data and technology are now mandatory ingredients for making optimal decisions about how you invest in sales and marketing programs. As such, there is now a high demand for analytic marketers and consultants who think scientifically about marketing as a discipline as opposed to marketing purely as a creative art.


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