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The 3S Methodology of Transformational Marketing [Podcast]


We were thrilled to join the Annie Jennings PR radio talk show and share our perspective on the state of marketing today, what CMOs and marketers must do to drive true growth, and how the 3S Methodology can transform your marketing efforts.

In order to get to the top of their market, brands must master the 3S’s of Story, Strategy, and Systems that shape Transformational Marketing. This powerful methodology alters business models by changing how organizations market, communicate, and sell to their customers. By providing products and services that actually make the customers’ lives better, and engaging with them in a compelling way, companies build valuable customer experiences and transform customers into brand advocates.

“Transformational Marketing is not really a methodology; it’s a change in mindset. You have to find a way to make your customers the hero.”

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In addition to the 3S Methodology, here are some highlights of other topics covered on this podcast.

On Creating a 6-Second Brand Story:

The Six-Second Story must accomplish four things: it must simplify a very complicated issue or problem — be a sherpa to guide consumer to solve their problems; it must be emotional — people buy on emotion then rationalize decision with facts; it must be memorable and strike a cord — it must make the customer ask for more; and, finally, it has to make the customer the hero, not the brand.”

On a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy:

“Simplicity, clarity, and alignment is what makes great brands what they are. Your strategy must be incredibly clear in terms of communicating the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your Story — what you are actually doing to help your customers achieve their needs and wants.”

In this segment, you’ll also learn how to ensure your Strategy and Systems are aligned to execute successfully as well as how to establish and maintain the Conditions for Marketing Project Success.

Listen to the full 8-minute podcast here.



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