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5 Nonprofit Predictions You May Have Missed for 2016

Making annual predictions for an entire sector can be perilous, but Caroline Avakian, the Founder and CEO of SourceRise, has done an admirable job pinpointing key insights for the Non-Profit sector due to changing global dynamics and increasing constituent expectations.

This article will serve nicely as the starting point for a non-profit organization seeking to develop strategic playbook for 2016 and to generate a rallying cry for their team. Here are a few highlights:

  • Social Media goes mainstream for non-profits – requiring developers and marketers to think more strategically about the donor and supporter experience.
  • Global Development motivates governments and mainstream media to work much more closely with NGOs to tap into local knowledge and expertise – requiring non-profit marketers to invest more resources into clearly articulating their story.
  • Intrapreneurship and demand for innovation will continue to pick up speed as nonprofits start looking at new ways to create revenue, to explore new partnerships and to expand their ability to sustain themselves beyond their present fundraising strategies.
  • Transparency & Accountability will drive non-profits to make greater systems investments to monitor mission impact and improve their impact storytelling (specifically using data visualization and graphics).
  • Content Marketing will continue to be the most rewarding marketing tool for non-profits as the best way to share stories and highlight mission outcomes.  Non-profits will accelerate content creation on various platforms in an effort to increase their organization’s visibility, positioning, and thought leadership requiring new investment in content marketing talent and systems.

Here is a link to the full article:

Of course, the biggest challenges for non-profits this coming year (as seems to be every year) will be finding talent, securing financial resources, and generating the organizational will to act on strategic plays that move the mission forward and help the organization #MoveTopRight.

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Photo Credit: Mark Weaver

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