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7 Tips from David on How to Beat Goliath

Despite the digital transformation that’s been taking place over the last 25 years, the stalwart mom-and-pop shop remains a strong presence in local communities. That much-loved archetype of the local small business has actually thrived, even amid competition from big box retailers, direct-to-consumer brands, and eCommerce shopping. The reasons, as it turns out, are not so mysterious. In addition to offering personalized shopping experiences that just can’t be replicated by mainstream competitors, mom-and-pops boost their economies while adding flair and character to their local neighborhoods. And people like that.

But although the outlook is relatively good for small businesses now, current and aspiring small-shop owners do need to find ways to continue to stay competitive in an environment of ever-increasing large retailers. We found this great infographic that Fundera put together with tips to help your mom-and-pop succeed in tough and tightening markets.

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Thanks to www.fundera.com for providing this graphic.

How Your Mom & Pop Shop Can Succeed Against Big Retailers