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9 Little White Lies About Marketing Automation Platforms [Slideshare]


For anyone who has ever gone through a Marketing Automation project, you know that it can be a journey with many ups and downs. In fact, success in Marketing Automation goes way beyond just choosing the right vendor. It’s crucial to have the Five Conditions for Marketing Automation Success to maximize your ROI.

If you don’t have the conditions in place, the chances of failure are high – which could explain why 44 percent of marketers are not fully satisfied with their marketing automation systems. Many assert that the software takes too long to implement, is difficult to learn, and is too expensive.

While Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) open up new frontiers, the little white lies that vendors employ to make the sale – and that we believe – are an expensive source of confusion. To help clear the air, here are 9 Little White Lies About Marketing Automation Platforms.


Do you have the conditions for marketing automation success in place? Download our Conditions for Success Diagnostic to find out!

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