America's Most Appealing Spokescharacters

What do Budweiser Clydesdales, Grumpy Cat, Allstate Mayhem, and Snoopy all have in common?

The brand advertising characters rank among the most Appealing spokescharacters in America in 2016, according to a recent study by e-Poll Research. A spokescharacter, or trade character, is a live-action or animated being or object that is used to promote a product, service, or idea. Brands that build winning spokescharacters take time understanding to whom the character appeals, and why. They use the characters to tell an engaging, authentic brand story in which the customer is the hero. 

The spokescharacters are ranked by e-Score’s Appeal metric which is a vital asset for brands to understand how their characters measure in relation to the competition. 

The Budweiser Clydesdales rank second among the characters Americans want to See More and are the second most Appealing advertising character.

The Chick-fil-a Cows, one of our favorite mascots to blog about, rank 7th in Awareness and 13th in Appeal for Americans. Although the fast-food chain recently shifted its marketing strategy to appeal to a larger audience, they kept the iconic cows.

On this year’s list, one industry stands out in particular — insurance. Five insurance company spokescharacters ranked in the top 22—Snoopy formerly with MetLife, Jake from State Farm, the Geico Gecko, Flo from Progressive, and Allstate Mayhem.

“Insurance companies use spokescharacters as a way to add humor and entertainment to a potentially boring category, and they have been remarkably successful as four of the top twenty are from insurance companies, led by Allstate Mayhem.” — e-Poll Research

Allstate Mayhem, the humorous, chaos-causing spokescharacter, boasts the highest See More score (36) and ranks 3rd in Appeal among consumers. We are certainly fans of Allstate Mayhem—we borrowed the theme for our Marketing Mayhem webinar and upcoming whitepaper on how organizations are mitigating marketing operational risks.

Ranked the most Appealing spokescharacter with the highest level of Awareness, Snoopy’s recent departure from MetLife makes him a free agent and an excellent opportunity for the right brand. Before signing a free agent like Snoopy, brands must have a deep understanding of their target audience and to whom the character will appeal. The spokescharacter must not only tell your brand story, but it must engage your audience in an entertaining manner. Learn how successful marketers align brand story, strategy, and systems to drive transformational growth. Download our latest ebook Transformational Marketing: Moving to the TopRight.




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