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April Fools! TopRight’s Top Ten Brand Prank Roundup

Can a company have personality?

Can it have panache, élan, charisma, a certain je ne sais quoi?

Well, what about a sense of humor?

At TopRight, we think they can, and do, and should. Every year, April Fools’ is the perfect opportunity to relax a little and show off a lighter, more frivolous side. Because—why not?

Now, there is some inconclusive research out there about whether these annual pranks add much to a brand’s overall marketing efforts. So, with no clear indications, why should you get involved in this as a marketer? Our answer to this is: Don’t be a bummer, man! For one day a year, have a little fun, waste a little time, and stop taking yourself so seriously. Your customers will appreciate it.

This year, brands came out in force with a ton of soon-to-be classic gags that we loved. Here is our list of the top ten brand pranks of 2019.

1. Powdered Beer from Kingfisher. Gross!

2. SodaStream gives a new meaning the phrase “natural gas.”

3. Take a cruise in the cutting-edge Honda Pastport.

4. Honda makes us laugh one more time with the Polite Horn.

5. Primark is very conveniently offering sock vending machines.

6. And now a nice tasty draft of Ruth Bader Ginsbeer from Sam Adams. Wait a minute, is this for real?

7. Three Olives Vodka remakes Roosevelt Island. Pretty fun, especially if you’re in NYC!

8. McDonald’s made some new dipping sauces. Mmmm!

9. But a lot of people actually like the idea of a McDonald’s McPickle Burger…

10. And in extremely local news, even places like Middlesex County, NJ are getting in on the fun.

Get Outdoors April 2019: John A. Phillips Preserve

As the weather gets warmer you may want to explore John A. Phillips Preserve in Old Bridge where you’ll find miles of marked hiking trails, more than 50 species of birds, rare flowers including orchids and more… #GetOutdoors

Posted by Middlesex County NJ on Monday, April 1, 2019


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