Why You Should Bet Bottom Dollar on Employer Brand

No doubt, if you’ve been trying to build your staff as a recruiter, hiring manager, business owner, or other HR leadership position, you’re encountering headwinds and most likely a fair bit of trouble.

We’re in the midst of one of the toughest talent shortages in a long time. The amount of “time to hire” is peaking and 68 percent of HR managers say they’re having trouble filling positions.[tweet] This number is up from 50 percent back in 2013.


Doubtless, you’ve looked at many strategies for helping you fill open positions, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that employer branding was on that list.

So, when is the time to focus on employer branding? Is it now? Or should you wait until the hiring market cools down a bit? 


My answer: the time is here. Whether you like it or not, your employer brand is already being created on social media by employees and people who have had contact with your hiring process. If people are already talking, the question is really whether or not you want a voice in the creation of your employer brand story.


But still, you might wonder, is it worth it?

The numbers all seem to point to a resounding YES. Look at this – 50 percent of job applicants say they would not accept a job for a company that has a bad reputation – even if offered more pay. 


And the people that do end up working for them cost 10 percent more than they would have if the company had a good reputation – a number that will quickly add up.

With a good employer brand and reputation, not only do you pay less and have candidates more interested in working for you, you end up getting twice the number of applicants.


One of the keys to great employer branding is making it authentic, by presenting a true image of the company culture and making sure it’s aligned with the brand’s story, strategy, and systems.


Read the full article and infographic by Betterteam: Employer Branding: 10 Reasons Your Growth Depends On It [Infographic].

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Photo Credit: Betterteam