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Breakthrough Brands 2020

With all that’s been going on recently in the slumpy economy, it’s tough to believe that some brands have actually had a red-letter year so far. But in 2020, a few truly sharp and innovative brands have broken through to the surface in spectacular fashion.

Interbrand put out a piece of incredible research on a set of small-to-medium sized 2020 companies with unique or even unclassifiable brand appeal. With multiple earthquakes hitting the economy, the start-up field, and public health, a small army of hyper-intelligent brands have nonetheless arisen and made serious headway, positioning themselves as the big brands of the future. And they did so by taking advantage of some new and powerful themes in brand storytelling, including ideas of playfulness, community, status seeking, and revolutions in personal health. Get more details in the report at the link below.

But first, here are my three favorites from the writeup.


Mirror is a fully interactive at-home workout tool with total internet functionality and flawless user experience. When not in use, it looks like any typical mirror hanging on or leaning against the wall. But when activated, it becomes an interactive display offering hi-fi connectivity, live lessons, health tracking measures, and more. An incredible and futuristic product with fantastic profit potential.

LOOP Zero-Waste Packaging

Loop does the right thing when it comes to packaging. Subscribers to the service get any of their favorite product brands—bathroom products, sodas and beverages, food items, and more—delivered in durable and attractive reusable containers. When done, users put the empty containers into a branded Loop tote and schedule a free home pickup. Rinse, and repeat. It’s that simple. No more waste and no more trash bins full of plastic packaging.

RIVIAN Electric Autonomous Adventure Vehicles

Rivian is, simply, the future. The electric car industry has seen its ups and downs, but one of the main drawbacks to fully electric vehicles has always been the public perception of them as weak and slow. Can an electric truck really be as bad-ass as a Ford Super Duty? Rivian says yes, indeed—even better. Add to its power and speed as a utility vehicle the standard on board autonomous features, and the Rivian truck is a brand that you’ll be seeing on the highway soon.

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