Brockmans Premium Gin Grows an International Audience Using AI

In the marketing world, advanced technology has always been a game changer, and we’re now able to partner with Beehive AI, an artificial intelligence company in a way that takes consumer-facing branding to a new level. Premium brands are discovering the incredible wealth of potential that emerges when you use AI-powered martech to accelerate brand awareness and expand audience.

A current project we have underway at TopRight involves helping Brockmans gin to expand brand awareness across the Atlantic. From its already-saturated markets in Spain, they want to take their top-shelf gin to the UK and US markets.

TopRight’s specific goal in working with Brockmans, is to use AI is to help the US market “discover” this hidden gem of a premium gin.

How It Works 

Beehive AI is a unique platform that creates a mass open dialogue with consumers to help marketers understand customers and increase conversion. The technology interprets conversations at scale in order to uncover customer motivations and needs that can not be uncovered through traditional methods.

Through our partnership with Beehive AI we’ve designed a campaign to drive both brand awareness and sales conversion.

The team designed a digital sweepstakes campaign (you can enter here: Brockmans Gin Facebook Sweepstakes) that invites users to answer three simple questions, that the Beehive AI platform recommended, about gin and drink preferences for a chance to win a luxury cocktail kit, a gin recipe book, and two Brockmans-branded copa glasses. A fun gift that appeals to drink makers and gin drinkers for sure.

Once the short, fun questionnaire is filled out, the data is stored and used to construct buyer personas via Beehive AI automatically. Then, in the blink of an eye, Beehive AI takes these thousands of free-form responses and distills them down to the “experiences” and “personas” that most appeal to the target buyers.

Using these personas, we then personalize the buyer’s journey—or buyway—with follow-on campaigns. These subsequent campaigns, rooted in the individual preferences culled from the questionnaire, are strategically designed to stimulate brand loyalty.

Alliances and Influencers

To make this campaign as effective as possible, TopRight is working in close partnership with ReserveBar. They’re helping us isolate campaign results so that we can track the impact created over the course of our campaign. Then together we code the traffic and establish campaign attribution.

Using this data, it becomes possible to understand buyer behavior so that we can outreach to audience look-a-likes: consumers who are likely to embrace this special brand of gin. Then we put all our energy into targeted, personalized campaigns.

As we mentions above, we’re also partnering with Beehive AI to provide the artificial intelligence solution and the granular understanding of customers’ motivations and needs at scale.

From there, we will identify online “influencers” who can create experiences using the product—on YouTube, Instagram, or elsewhere. The influencers—people who authentically enjoy the brand—essentially serve as brand ambassadors for the brand. Viewers get the chance to witness people having fun at an amazing event sponsored by or featuring Brockmans.

We may also sponsor an event ourselves. Such an event might be a business-casual conference that needs a premium beverage, an outdoor music venue, or something similar. With Brockmans, we can help create an exciting VIP experience, which elevates our brand awareness and ultimately leads to purchase and brand loyalty.

As we continue to associate the brand with great experiences, the audience grows, brand awareness expands, and new data is gained and tracked using our internal AI tools and metrics.

The great thing about this campaign is that it works on any number of brands in any number of categories. We will continue to update you on our progress, and we welcome the opportunity to help build your brand in the same way! If you’re interested, sign up for the TopRight blog, contact us here, or connect with us on Twitter or on LinkedIn.