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This Is Brown

What can Brown do for you?

For the past 10 years, UPS has focused its advertising on the now well-known “Brown” campaign. But after reassessing their own products and services, and expanding the scope of those services, UPS thought it was high time to explore a new marketing direction. The advertising campaign repositions UPS from a simple parcel service, to a company that can provide a huge range of business services, with offerings such as “repairing laptops for a computer manufacturer, filling prescriptions for medical devices, and providing online printing services.”

The new ad is catchy, has a great song, attractive images, and a clear message. Not surprising considering UPS’ work with Ogilvy & Mather, the firm hired to create UPS’s first international advertising campaign.

Betsy Wilson, Director of Advertising at UPS, was interviewed in a short video on UPS’ YouTube channel. She addressed the purpose of the new campaign, stating, “We really thought it was important to have a global voice: one singular voice to represent the brand around the world in a single way.”

So far, it looks like this is a smart move for UPS. Ms. Wilson’s comments show that UPS has a keen understanding of the relationship between marketing and a business’ strategic growth decisions. And it looks like we’re not the only ones who think so. Ken Bernhardt stated in a recent AJC article, “Their message has changed from one of merely shipping packages to one of total logistics systems,” he said. “It makes sense for them to stop being thought of as a vendor.”

What’s especially nice about this particular campaign is that although it is a break from their past “What can Brown do for you?” slogan, “We ? Logistics” still embraces the “Brown” brand identity. It’s as if they’re answering their own question… “What can Brown do for you?”… for your small business?… for your multi-national corporation?… Brown can do everything.

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