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Career Study: Somebody is Looking for (Data-driven) Marketers!

mondayFeel good about yourself on a Monday, dear reader.  The hottest job in the U.S.—at least for college-educated people—is marketing executive, according to Careerbuilder.  Not just any marketer, though (you knew there had to be a catch!) – but marketers with analytics and technology savvy are the most coveted and highly paid today, according to this article in AdAge.

Careerbuilder, working with Economic Modeling Specialists International, found more than 34,600 unduplicated average monthly job postings and only 11,600 jobs filled for marketing executives in 2014 (see chart below, courtesy of AdAge). The gap of 23,000 between those numbers was more than any other position requiring a college degree. EMSI found the ranks of marketing executives have grown by 10% since 2010 to more than 192,200, with a median income of $119,000 annually.

AdAge reports that people commanding the highest premium in salary are marketing leaders who have demonstrated experience with tech platforms and the ability to bring new solutions to  digital maturity.  The article does suggest that consumer brand experience is most welcome at the highest levels – several high profile CMO hires last year at Pinterest, Amazon and Samsung were of leaders with a CPG-vertical background.



Way back in 2012, the Harvard Business Review declared “data scientist” the sexiest job of the 21st Century. So it should not surprise us that careers in marketing continue to be influenced by the vast amounts of data that power both marketing organizations and our personal digital lifestyles.  If you already have those coveted analytics and marketing technology skills, be sure to keep yourself fresh and start to look for ways to expand your role and influence.  If you don’t have those skills, now is the time to get some experience.  Start to use the marketing technology that is already in house – volunteer to get trained and then take on some new aspect of your current role where data-driven marketing can propel your part of the business forward.   Nearly every part of the business can benefit from additional automation and actionable reporting.

Not confident you know if your organization or people are ready for sophisticated marketing?  The TopRight Integrated Marketing Report Card is a great place to start – it’s literally just six (6) questions and will help you benchmark your current practices to those of companies who are performing in the #TopRight quadrant of the market.


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