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Changing Role of Marketing Execs – TopRight Survey Results

In today’s business environment of tightening budgets and rigorous attention to measurable results, the expectations on marketing leaders and organizations to “raise their game” has never been higher. How well are companies responding to these changing expectations? Are marketing groups on the same page as other departments in the organization? TopRight recently conducted research on this subject, surveying over 100 executives and senior leaders in marketing and non-marketing roles, in companies across a range of industries. Some of the findings may be expected, others are surprising:

  • Nearly half of the respondents feel departments outside of marketing do not understand the organization’s marketing and brand strategy
  • Overwhelmingly, respondents indicated that building the brand is less important than improving the product or service offering
  • Marketers and Management are split on the usefulness of marketing metrics outside of the marketing organization
  • Marketing continues to lag in the adoption of processes and technology to improve operations

Please download the latest TopRight white paper for a more complete summary of the survey findings and implications, and TopRight’s recommendations on ways that marketing organizations can raise their game and align more closely with the rest of the company.

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