How CMOs Can Avoid the 'Bright Shiny Object' Syndrome [Inc. Article]

Marketers love chasing the latest and greatest ‘bright shiny object’ [BSO]– and there are plenty of them out there. Almost every day, we’re inundated with new cloud-based marketing automation platforms, social media networks, or mobile messaging apps with the promise to skyrocket brand share, influence, and sales. As a Transformative CMO, it’s ALWAYS important to keep up with the latest new thing, right?

Not necessarily.

Before grabbing onto the latest BSO or ‘big idea’, it’s important to remember that business results come first. The first point of consideration is whether this new tool or trend will enable you to achieve those business results, closely followed by how it will achieve those results. After all, the value is in what the BSO delivers, not the BSO itself.

The opportunity cost of perpetually chasing the next BSO disrupts and distracts from other important priorities, which are pushed aside to make room for the next new thing. 

There’s no doubt that marketing needs to takes risks. The distinction here is that the most successful brands and companies are more deliberate and intentional when it comes to assessing new marketing opportunities and new technologies as they emerge.

I recently shared with Inc. 500 entrepreneur Kevin Daum how Transformative CMOs can apply this intentional approach “for picking the right horse in a crowded field.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Summers