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The New Way to Become the "Real Thing"

I think most marketers would agree that Coca-Cola has become one of the more innovative consumer brands in their attempts to create new types of customer experiences around their brand and products. The 125 year-old company has clearly decided to create an experience around their brand that goes above and beyond the products that they make and sell. And they are not afraid to try things that are unproven, as long as it moves the ball down the field for their brand positioning and promise, namely Coke brings you happiness in enjoyable and sometimes unique ways. The latest example of this is their foray into the world of using 3D printing to personalize a customer’s brand experience and relationship with Coke. 3D printing and Coke. No that was not a misprint.

Consumers in Israel who participated in this new campaign from Coca-Cola Israel are presented with a very unique gift: a miniature version of themselves, 3-D, printed on the spot inside of the company’s main Israeli factory. When you look at this it does also raise interesting questions about how one can personalize a brand even further. While 3D printing is still relatively expensive, it won’t be for long and the ability to create a real, physical version of a product – completely customizable, and “real” not “virtual” – forces one to think about how one can bring a brand experience around a product to life in new ways. Imagine a customer experience where they don’t simply get messaging or content about a product through traditional marketing channels, but actually get a version of the product sent to them, personalized…a “mini-me” version of the product. Now that will be an interesting way to connect a consumer with a brand.

Kudos to Coke for showing us another example of what is yet to come. Share your ideas on interesting new ways to bring the brand promise to life. Stay #TopRight.

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