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The Commercialization of Healthcare – Patient Experience Will Be A Driver

images 1At a recent major healthcare summit of health system CEOs and industry executives, one CEO said “Don’t try to sell me products….. Bring me solutions to help me deliver on healthcare’s TRIPLE AIM: improve patient care, reduce costs and enhance the patient’s experience.

Hospitals and health systems are undergoing complete transformation as the healthcare model moves from a “fee for service” payment model to a “value based” payment system. Putting “heads in beds” is no longer the way to drive hospital revenue, said a CEO from a major Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) from the Midwest.

Medical device companies must rethink the positioning of their technologies and leverage ways to deliver real value to the patient’s experience.

Since when did the patient have any affect on which medical treatments are used in a hospital?

  • Since patients started googling a hospital or surgical center they might choose.
  • Since patients started paying the first $3,000 – $5,000 dollars of their Healthcare Insurance deductible.
  • Since hospitals started marketing their innovative new medical technology or service.

Here is a simple example of a medical device used in Respiratory Care that enhances the patient’s experience. Oxygen delivery appliances come in many shapes and sizes. For patients with continuous O2 requirements, a nasal cannula can be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful.   An innovative Canadian company developed a revolutionary device called Oxymask™. It delivers oxygen more efficiently than a cannula and fits on the patient like a phone headset. Feedback from patients indicates that this was much more comfortable than the conventional technology.  

Question……with over 1 million patients a year on continuous oxygen therapy, why wouldn’t hospitals publicize they use this revolutionary oxygen delivery device? The device makes the patient more comfortable, which improves compliance and the patient experience.

This story must be told above and beyond the care providers in the hospital. Can you imagine how patients will be received when they come into the hospital and ask for this device? Patients are starting to shop for healthcare that improves their experience.  Just one simple example of the opportunities available for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to partner in educating patients on why a given hospital is the right choice for them. images2

Let us know what you think and as always stay #TopRight!

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