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Content Strategy: Blending Product with Play at Sherwin Williams

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Being dissatisfied with your living room wall color is easy.  Figuring out what new color you really want is harder.  Sherwin Williams created the Color Visualizer tool – and its cousin-apps for mobile and iPad – so that we can find the color we like,  see it on the room’s walls and test out different solutions… all without leaving the couch.  It’s a smart content strategy that blends product and play.  It works so well because the novelty of re-imagining – even our walls! — is a powerful way to engage people.

What we like about the strategy is that it has real consumer value, but is still so closely tied to sales and brand engagement.   The tool showcases the wide selection of paint colors (product value), gives advice to point the user to specific colors  (a key buying motivator) and is focused on a very clear call to action:  Visit the store.

Sherwin videoAll effective content strategy has some sort of “rabbit hole” – a purposeful method to bring people along a journey with continuous engagement, eventually leading to one or more calls to action along the way. The YouTube video explaining how to use the Color Visualizer illustrates the intentional pathway – from experimentation to registration to advanced designer tools to  social sharing to visit a store.

Content is one of the most powerful customer engagement tools in the marketing ecosystem, and can be used effectively throughout the Customer BuyWay (buyer journey) – as illustrated here.  This is as much a tool for the experienced designer (repeat, loyal customer) as it is for someone early in the research/exploration phase, or even someone who has just purchased from Pottery Barn, a Sherwin Williams partner.

Helping people in an authentic way to use your products and services to improve their lives is what great marketing is all about – and the best way to keep your business moving to the #TopRight corner of the market.


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