How to Create a Captivating Six-Second Brand Story

Marketing experts estimate that, on average, people are exposed to over 5,000 advertisements each day, making it harder than ever to gain the customer’s attention.

The reality is that you have six seconds to tell your brand story and make a connection with your customer. Yes, six seconds. A 6-second window to give your audience a reason to care and a reason to want to learn more about your offer.

Success in those six seconds depends on the perceived value that your brand will bring to the customers’ lives — the “why you do what you do.”

Why should a customer care?

Why should they listen to your story?

Wrestling this question to the ground from the customer point of view requires you to go to a deeper and more emotive level of engagement with your customers by distilling down the “why you do what you do” as a company into a “why” that captures the customer’s imagination.

Most marketers focus on the “What” — the product and its functionalities — while the customers want to know “Why” your product is so different than all the other options available, and “Why” it should matter to them, in their personal or professional lives. For customers, the “Why” must speak to the true impact and purpose that you deliver to their lives. It must resonate with the customers in such a way that they want to be a part of the brand story. This message needs to be refined through the lens of simplicity, clarity and alignment; the three foundational pillars that a brand’s story must have to connect and engage with customers.

We recently discussed creating a compelling brand story in depth on the DuctTape Marketing blog. Read the full article here to learn the top five guidelines to create a compelling 6-second brand story.

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