Creating Smarter Marketing for Franchises


“Your success with marketing technology is more about social science than computer science.”

Franchise marketing is no longer just about getting your name out there and building awareness. Today, marketing is a complex puzzle with increasingly sophisticated customer behaviors — especially with the proliferation of media channels, glut of content, and plenty of “noise” in the marketplace. As a result, savvy customers demand that you give them a reason to care, a reason to buy, a reason to advocate, and most importantly a reason to keep coming back.

In our recent interview on Smarter Marketing for Franchises, we covered some interesting topics about marketing and franchises, such as:

  • The biggest challenges franchises face with their marketing efforts
  • The essential marketing technology for franchises
  • The biggest oversights franchises make in using technology to help with their marketing
  • The 5 essential marketing tools every franchise company needs


“The biggest oversights that I frequently see is the assumption that buying marketing technology, in and of itself, will transform marketing and drive organic growth.”

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Expert Interview Series: Dave Sutton on Smarter Marketing for Franchises on Pica9.


With the rising tide of marketing automation and massive amounts of data that is being collected by companies about their customers, the unprecedented “customer intimacy”, which has been talked about for decades, is now truly possible.

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