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Do You Have an "I" for Marketing?

UnknownTraditionally, marketing has been seen as a “proactive” activity where marketing activities “create” a brand and “create” demand.  That’s beginning to turn upside down now that customers play a far more visible and powerful role in how brands are perceived. Today’s marketer needs to stay on top of trends and technology; they need to know how social media, search, video, conversions and analytics work in the marketing mix. These days, a marketer must possess the technical know-how to drive adoption of technologies that improve customer interactions, increase revenue, optimize pricing, build brands and expand awareness.

Keep your eye on these “I’s” to stay fresh:

  • Be an Instigator: Instigators are drivers of actions and conversations. Marketers need to challenge the status quo, bringing the voice of customer to the table and using an external vantage point to see what may not be apparent to others in the business. Great instigators take risks.
  • Be an Innovator: Think big. Think different. Innovators use market insights to come up with products, services, or solutions based on untested ideas. Synthesizing seemingly disjointed data and forming logical conclusions make for an innovative marketer, as well as leadership, self-motivation, risk-taking, and playing well with others.
  • Be an Integrator:? An integrator unites multiple organizational silos and functions into a single path.  Philips Healthcare CEO Deborah DiSanzo believes that “marketing is the integrator in the complete end-to-end chain.”
  • Be an implementor: Excellence in execution involves a variety of considerations, including the development of process flows and business rules, sales training, effective use of technology, and smart use of third-party vendors to perform various functions within the overall marketing and sales processes. implementors have to build coalitions and persuade others using functional expertise, insights, and teamwork.

Today’s CMO must assess the skill sets within their marketing teams, establish the DNA for growth, drive support, and then communicate this message across their organizations. marketing-manager

Do you have an instigator, an innovator, an integrator and an implementor on your team? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight.

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