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How to Drive Transformational Change with Rob Chen, Former CMO of CEB

Organizations that successfully transform marketing and generate remarkable results for their businesses have one thing in common: strong, transformative leaders who are willing to take a stand for their brand.

In a recent Business RadioX interview, Bill Fasig of TopRight interviewed Rob Chen, the former CMO of Corporate Executive Board (CEB). Rob shares details on the steps he took to successfully transform corporate marketing and create a remarkable experience for CEB customers.

Transformational Marketing vs. Transactional Marketing

Transformational marketing leaders understand that big change is difficult to achieve from the “top down” – there must be understanding, alignment, and commitment across the organization.

Early in his career, Rob recognized that it takes a concerted effort of the whole team to successfully transform marketing and make a real difference for customers. Therefore, he knew that he had to get his team completely aligned on the brand destination for the company.

“It takes a village to move the needle on transforming a company. It’s been a journey, and it’s one we continue on.”  – Rob Chen

Rob describes the three specific steps he took to transform marketing at CEB:

  1. Establish a foundational framework of how the marketing model will work
  2. Generate leads, to drive top line and bottom line growth
  3. Enable sales success (i.e. in B2B Marketing, marketing enables sales)


Listen to the full interview with Rob Chen below.

CEB’s CMO Rob Chen Joins TopRight Partners Bill Fasig

Successful leaders practice Transformational Marketing to lead company-wide change, altering how they market, communicate, and engage with their customers. It takes a lot of heavy lifting to successfully transform marketing. There will be challenges, but working through those challenges is ultimately worth it when the results are delivered. Download TopRight’s Guide to Transformational Marketing Success and learn how to use the 3S’s – Story, Strategy, and Systems – to drive remarkable customer experiences.

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