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Drug Shilling

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Allergan is using an aging child-actor/pseudo-celebrity who some people may vaguely remember for her better-known movies including Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon to promote the prescription drug Latisse.

Latisse is a prescription drug currently promoted by spokesmodel Brooke Shields – the drug is applied to the base of eyelashes to generate longer lashes. Latisse keeps hairs in their growth phase, producing longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.  Latisse is a lower concentration of the drug Lumigan and the average cost of it is $130 (while Latisse is about 3/4 of that).   Latisse eyelash lengthening is not permanent, and possible side-effects include discoloration of the eye or eyelid, or damage to the eye.

In my opinion, what we really need from Big Pharma is a drug that will keep child actors in their “growth phase” producing longer more meaningful careers… rather than slipping into shameless, hollow, drug-shilling careers.   Next Up?:  Danny Bonaduce of Partridge Family-fame pitching for new Irritable Bowel Syndrome drug Lontronex, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. I guess what goes around comes around…

Please let us know how you make decisions on your health and prescription drug choices…

1. Clearly stated benefits/side effects
2. Doctor recommendations
3. Patient testimonials
4. Celebrity identification

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