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Engaging, Emotional Experiences: Connecting Brands with Bands

EAN brandsEffective marketing is about integrating brand messages with experiences that people love.  Emerging Artist Network  (EAN) was created to allow brands to find up-and-coming musicians that reflect their brand values and reach their target audiences through emotional and engaging experiences.

It’s a real win-win-win: Artists need funding, and brands need access, and audiences love music.   It’s the kind of service that is only possible by tapping both digital technology and our social-driven culture:

This new animated video tells the story of EAN, which empowers emerging artists by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and access to new revenue streams to enable them to break through.   Those revenue streams come from brands eager to connect authentically with engaged audiences – making it easy for marketers to identify and work with emerging artists.

“EAN finds the most promising emerging artists, works with brands and artists to create the perfect brand-band fit and then develops and oversees customized brand-band partnerships,” said TopRight CEO Dave Sutton, who is an investor and advisor to the EAN along with its Chairman Danny Lipson, and musician/entrepreneur Peter Stroud, who is currently Sheryl Crow’s music director and guitarist.

The EAN has three basic components:

  1. The EAN Score.  Though a proprietary algorithm, EAN provides artists with an EAN score that allows them to track their progress towards breaking through and tools to address those areas they can improve — all free of charge.
  2. The Brand-Band Match.  EAN matches brands to artists through another algorithm to ensure a perfect brand-band fit — the right genre, audience demographics, geography and shared values.
  3. Customized Brand-Artist Partnerships. EAN works with brands & artists to create and activate customized partnerships — brand-patron relationships that help both brands and bands thrive.

Any musical artist or band can participate in the EAN – it is an open platform available to bands at any level. “All artists, whether they are just starting out or well on their way to building a career, can sign-up and get their free EAN score in just a few minutes,” Dave said.

The EAN launched in beta this week at the music festival South by SouthWest (follow #SXSW) in Austin, TX – a gathering known for both musical innovation and impressive start-up launches.    “EAN is unique in its focus, methodology, and services — all directed toward facilitating emerging artists in breaking through and enabling brands to connect to these artists and their passionate fan bases,” Dave said.

Any organization – or musician – committed to moving to the #TopRight corner of the market must re-think both marketing and how we build and nurture fan relationships.   The Emerging Artist Network is a powerful new concept to capitalize on social technology and audience engagement to let new musical talent emerge and grow.

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