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Enough Ideas are Not Enough for Effective Content Marketing

too many ideasHey buddy, can you spare five ideas this week?  On average, marketers say they need 67 unique content ideas per quarter to be successful.  No wonder that nearly half of marketers  say they do not have enough ideas to be successful in their content marketing efforts, according to a recent report from Kapost.  Inexplicably, senior executives have more confidence in their company’s idea pipeline than entry-level marketers do: Some 80% of C-level staff think they have enough ideas to fuel content marketing efforts versus just 50% of coordinators/associates.

It’s troubling to think of how much of that content produced so methodically and even, perhaps, lovingly, will never get read.  The trend toward producing more and more content seems an ill-advised race for the increasinly limited mindshare of our audiences.  Yet, this study suggests that marketers are singularly focused on content as their saving grace.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in February and March 2015 of 377 marketers (76% B2B-focused, 20% B2C, 4% both).  It found:

  • 39% of marketers surveyed say coming up with ideas for content is difficult, compared with 61% who say it is easy.
  • 68% of marketers want a better way to crowdsource ideas from internal (company) departments.
  • 52% of marketers report using a cross-departmental process for idea generation.
  • Companies take 2-6 hours to turn an idea into a blog post.

We’ve written before about ways to come up with great blog post ideas, and there are certainly lots of ways to repurpose content that already exists to stretch the value.  Today, however, the collective production of such vast amounts of content imposes a higher bar on marketers to:

  1. Produce only content that will truly resonate and breakthrough.  Better to produce less with more impact than more with decreasing returns.
  2. Produce “micro-content” that speaks to specific audience segments at specifiic Moments of Truth (MOTs).

In the laissez-faire marketplace of ideas, the supply of content may be growing exponentially, but the demand, or ability to consume content, does not.  One of marketer’s biggest competitiors for consumer time is the somewhat mindless and seemingly endless stream of personal posts and updates – skimming those headlines takes a lot of time and energy, and leaves consumers feeling satiated even before they begin to consider brand messages in other formats.

Breaking through the content clutter requires a new commitment to customization and personalization.  Automation, data onboarding and dynamic content tools all help marketers reach people at specific and certain moments in time – and the content offered in just that moment has to match the needs and mindset of the consumer.   That means content production is not about new ideas per se, but about tailoring the message to appeal to that individual moment.

Moving your content marketing to the #TopRight may not require more content ideas. It may just require a richer understanding of your customer journey – and the ability to provide content bread crumbs that help people engage with your brand and product offerings.  The TopRight Customer BuyWay™  methodology is designed to turn your cutomer funnel on its head, and help you engage across the matrix of modern, digital connectivity.  Our CEO Dave Sutton recently spoke about the need to Obliterate Customer Processes and that deck is available for download, as well.

How are you making your content marketing more effective these days?  We’d love to hear your strategies and help you with content mapping.


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