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Enterprise Marketing Management

imagesEnterprise Marketing Management is the manifesto for the New Science of Marketing. It gives marketing managers of any company the tools and know-how to create nothing less than a marketing revolution. The revolution is marketing that works, marketing that sells.

Building on the principles laid out by marketing guru Sergio Zyman’s The End of Marketing as We Know It, authors Sutton and Klein lay out a clear, proven path for:

  • ¬†Creating a compelling, data driven brand positioning that is guaranteed to drive sales
  • Translating your brand positioning into a brand experience to ensure that every company asset is always selling
  • Putting ROI at the center of everything that marketing does
  • The name of this path-Enterprise Marketing Management

Along the way, they provide the essential guide for transforming marketing into a scientific discipline and leveraging every element of the enterprise to drive sales especially enterprise information. It’s high time for marketing to take advantage of the billions of dollars of corporate investment in information gathering-everything form customer behavior to inventory turnover.

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