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Free Preview of HBR’s ‘Strategic Analytics’

Organizations today are eager to reap the rewards of data and analytics. They want to learn about their customers by gathering vast amounts of data, to use that information to make better products and rise above the competition, and to enlist machine-learning algorithms to create new opportunities and improve performance.

Yet, despite their efforts, many find that progress towards these goals is painfully slow. The successful use of analytics requires not only high-quality data and powerful hardware and software, but also a culture that encourages data-driven decision making and the right set of skills to make them. Relatively few organizations have all those capabilities at scale.

To get up to speed and deepen your understanding of analytics and how it will shape your company’s future, Harvard Business Review has assembled a compendium of insights that you will need. Strategic Analytics features HBR’s smartest thinking on the strategic application of data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms for your business. The compilation includes an article by TopRight’s Dave Sutton on how analytics helped retailer Vineyard Vines stitch together success and win over customers.

Dave shares the detailed research and analytic strategies that sent that little pink whale swimming to new sales growth highs. The team at VV used analytics and automation to narrow in on specific customer personas based on purchasing habits, interests, and personal engagement with the brand, a feat that would have been impossible without the help of their amazing marketing automation platform. This was one of TopRight’s most popular articles of all time, so be sure to click to order your copy of Strategic Analytics.

And in the meantime, enjoy this free preview of the book.

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