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Get Ready for Brand Pranks 2019

April Fools’ Day offers companies an opportunity to have some fun while also humanizing themselves a little. For 364 days of the year, they focus on building credibility—but for just one day in the year brands can laugh it all off.

This upcoming Monday, we’ll be bringing you a list of the best pranks of 2019. Come back and see the funniest and most memorable brand gags. To get you in the mood, here are two of my favorites from last year:

Lexus Genetic Select

Funny, yes, but primarily this ad came across as something Lexus might actually want to do. Lexus ads tend to play to the head and heart equally, but the addition of humor helps humanize the brand in a manner consistent with its equity. Add in the excellent production quality, which adds credibility to the message, and what you actually have here is a very good ad.


Roku Happy Streaming Socks

Like the Lexus ad, this one leverages current technological advancements and pokes fun at itself. It presents a “real” consumer problem, then solves it in the funniest way possible. Roku had fun with the solution, of course, but in a way that highlights the service while building on the brand’s story. Again, it’s a good ad disguised as a gag.

The Takeaway

So why is April Fools’ Day such a boon for brands?  It’s a moment when companies can show some personality, bring themselves down to earth, and connect with customers in a unique and personal way. Plus, if they do it right, they can strengthen the bond they have with their customers.

Tune in next week for our list favorite new Aprils Fool Day pranks of 2019!