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Get A Social Life

images2Social media is not a fad. It’s essential. Just as your customers rely on the phone and email, they rely on social media. It’s where you connect. To believe otherwise can limit and threaten the growth of your business or career. Although doubters will always exist and the sites we use will continue to change, social media isn’t just a passing fad for business — and there’s data to prove it.

Check out this eye opening data:

  • 92% of marketers agree that social media is important for their business and has generated more exposure.
  • 72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans and gain marketplace intelligence.
  • More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least three years report it has improved sales.
  • 74% of marketers who spend 40+ hours using social media per week earn new business through their efforts.
  • More than 58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer improved search engine rankings.

Increase exposure, improve sales, develop loyal fans, gain marketplace intelligence and improve SEO! images1

Follow along next week as we begin a weekly series on creating a social media marketing plan from scratch! Stay tuned and as always stay #TopRight.

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