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Getting the Most From Multi-Channel Marketing

imagesRare is the marketing campaign that runs in one channel.  Even a traditional TV ad or a direct mail piece will trigger an interaction by phone or online before a purchase occurs.  The opportunity for marketers is to develop a coordinated positioning strategy to find, nurture, and convert leads across multiple channels.   Unfortunately, the traditional approach to brand management has not evolved to keep pace with the new ways in which brands are activated in today’s complex multi-channel environment.  That’s why TopRight created The Customer BuyWayTM methodology.

TopRight’s BuyWayTM is designed for multi-channel flexibility to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel:

  • Dissecting the purchase process to expose customer needs and wants at each touch point
  • Identifying drivers of purchase intent at each decision point
  • Revealing and adopting channel preferences
  • Comprehending more complex, high involvement and longer customer purchase processes
  • Supporting scalable activation – at broad market reach and 1-to-1 level
  • Measuring everything – including a multi-channel attribution model that assures ROI is optimized

Learn how the BuyWayTM methodology can be applied to your business by registering for the Direct Marketing News Webinar ( )  on January 14th at 1pm eastern featuring TopRight Founder, Dave Sutton. Sign up today, let us know what you think and as always stay #TopRight.

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